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The Importance of Time and Patient-Physician Relationship


TheImportance of Time and Patient-Physician Relationship


TheImportance of Time and Patient-Physician Relationship

Patientsand health providers should not only have a plain employee-employertype of relationship. Deeper connections and bonds should be madebecause showing of affection and care to patients can have positiveeffects to the patients’ side. From an interview with Groopaman(n.d.) he said that the time is the most precious commodity for apatient and a physician. Given that nurses and physicians have busyschedules, how can physicians give time to their patients? This canbe done thru the physicians’ little sacrifice of their time intheir less important activities like their time for recreation.Minimizing but not totally giving up these types of activities cangive physicians more time with their patients because it is life andhealth that we are talking about here. The moment that the physicianstook their oaths, it is pretty clear to them that this professionwill give them a big responsibility to the society and that they arewilling to accept it.

Moretime for interactions between physicians and patients can make thephysicians more focused towards the patients’ conditions andstories which will lead to more accurate diagnosis (Donahue, 2011).He pointed out that if doctors were able to find a way to make moretime with their patients, it will lessen the burden of the overallhealthcare system. Doctors who directly talks to their patients canget their whole story and make a diagnosis rather than sending thepatients to various specialists to test one organ at a time. Throughthis process, the patient can save time, money and effort and canalso prevent specialists from any unnecessary visits.


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