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Sunglassesand Sunscreens for Protecting Skin Cancer

Today,I am going to show you how to prevent skin cancer by wearingSunglasses and sunscreens. I will explain to you how to shieldyourselves from this malady and tell you what may perhaps happen ifyou don’t protect yourself. I have researched on this matter andpassionate about it and considering also I have a skin cancer too(Penzer &amp Ersser, 2010). I will encourage you to shieldyourselves from pain, ugliness or even death arising from skin cancerinfections. The best ever defense against skin cancer is to beinformed and adhering to protect yourselves from these destructiveultra-violet emissions of the sun.

Everyoneis under risk for getting skin cancer. It’s a disease in whichmalignant cells are formed in the outer layers of your skin (Stefanek&amp Boughton, 2010). This kind of develops in the basal cells,melanocyte, or squamous cells of your skin and it can occur anywhereon your body, but it’s common on your face, neck, hands and arms.Sunlight is the major source of injurious ultra violet radiation thatis notorious to damage skin and recognized to cause malignancy inhumans. Majority of the people think that sun protection is the solething while spending the day in the beach or on the poolside(Stefanek &amp Boughton, 2010).

Thelevel deformity and death caused by skin cancer is disturbing. Onegrave sunburn can amplify the risk of skin cancer by as much. It’sestimated that 1 out of 8 people will develop these kind of cancer intheir lifespan. Sunscreensshield the skin membrane against sunburns as well as playing asignificant part in blocking the infiltration of ultraviolet (UV)emission, which brings damage to the skin and can result to skincancer.

Theexpressions used on labels of sunscreen labels can be mystifying. Theshelter given by a sunscreen is shown by the factor of the protectionof the sun (SPF) listed on the manufactured good label. A sun blockis measured to be a sunscreen with a sun protection aspect of 15 ormore. According to theory, sunscreens act as a protection to anindividual during an event of ultraviolet B (UVB) exposure (Stefanek&amp Boughton, 2010). It acts as a protection in relation to the following:

  • Sun Protection Factor 15 sunscreen which absorbs up to more than 92 % of the Ultraviolet Radiation.

  • Sun Protection Factor 30 sunscreen which absorbs 97 % of Ultraviolet radiation.


Asunscreen helps in protecting the skin membrane from sunburn as wellas minimizing suntan through reflecting the ultraviolet rays (Penzer&amp Ersser, 2010). Properuse of sunscreens is crucial in shielding the skin. Consider thefollowing aspects:

  • Use of a sunscreen with Sun Protective Factor of 20 to 30 gives significant shield against sunburns, and usually puts a stop to tanning.

  • Choose a sunscreen that filters out the UVA as well as the UVB.

  • Sunscreens with high Sun Protective Factor sunscreens protect from blazing for longer times than those with sunscreens with lower Sun Protective Factors.

  • Apply sunscreens to all exposed areas of skin, including those easily overlooked areas such as the rims of the ears, lips, back of the neck, and feet.

  • Do not forget the sunscreen when dealing with outdoor chores.


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