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The world, today, is too dependent on computers. Since 1930`s computers

Theworld, today, is too dependent on computers. Since 1930`s computershave evolved to faster and more efficient models. Computers make lifeeasier and are certainly useful in keeping lots of information.Today, people have the urge to address challenges to succeed in theirerrands. There is a requirment for man to find enough means ofdecision making, have better experiences and store information safelyfor future references (Gackenbach, 2007). Fortunately, computersefficiently help in these tasks and reduce the manual work of a manwithout even involving his brains. Computers were built over fiftyyears ago but only penetrated well into the world around twenty yearsago. Before then, to purchase a computer was very expensive, and itwas almost impossible for an individual to own one. The machines werenot easily found even some organizations could not afford to buy one.In the early eighties, personal computers were introduced and that iswhen the effect of computers was felt (Coeckelbergh, 2013).

Itis almost impossible to live in a world without computers. The worldis too dependent on computers take, for example, the frustrationsthat are experienced in a bank that has a computer failure. Theemployees panic and the clients complain of the poor services. If acomputer breakdown causes such chaos take an instance of no internetin the whole world? Such is unimaginable. Computers are the basis ofcontrol of almost all the main activities around the world. It is awonder how computers manufacture other computers with better andfaster systems. They keep upgrading from previous systems anindication that, in the future, the human brain may be left behindcompletely. Computers have the ability of handling billions ofinstructions within the same second, and the user is likely not evenaware how the system works.

Inthis trend, future students will rather use e-books on their iPadsthan paper books and the major books in libraries and store will nolonger be relevant because access to customized computers and laptopswill be free. Computers can be disastrous and have benefits, as well.Computers can fail causing a plane to crash. They give us options oflearning new things and provide so many online activities to do atthe comfort of our homes. Computers have enabled online shopping,social networking and even study and work online. Life is much easierand convenient with the use of computers. Data and information areeasier to organize and record and offers much entertainment throughmusic, games and programs. Space missions are controlled by computersystems otherwise it would be impossible to succeed in thesemissions. In economics, computers analyze and give indications ofvariables and their effects on the stock market. Computers accuratelycalculate and predict sales and even do a future analysis to statehow viable the project is and the expected returns in the long run(Coeckelbergh, 2013).

Financialorganizations like banks use computer systems to do transactions. Themost recent communication systems entirely depend on computers.People who are miles away continent to continent can easily chat andkeep in touch through computers. Computers have helped in rapidgrowth of the society and were it not for them the world would stillbe stagnant in the 19th century. Invention and technology would beclose to impossible. People in the world are increasingly becomingaddicted to computers. On average, there are people in the world whocannot run their errands in a day without involving a computer. Otherpeople cannot do without computer games or listening to music. Acomputer system is so efficient that it can multitask giving the usermore services than their brain would. Computer addiction on socialsites is becoming a major concern. Children, on the other hand, arealmost having a negative impact as they are playing violent games inthe computers that involve boxing, shooting and killing variouscharacters in the game as we as fighting.

Inthe world of today, the internet and millions of applications havemade it possible for information to be available for almost everyone.Much time is saved, and world without internet is not possible. Ifadvantages of Information Technology disappeared, then we would goway back to colonial times whereby information was only accessible tocertain people and those who went to school. Negative impacts ofcomputer use are becoming common as most parents fail to filter thepornographic sites on the internet. People who do freelancing jobscan comfortably work at home and sometimes earn more than those whophysically go to their place of work. Additionally computers are usedto pay bills. In the past people would go all the way to bureaus topay their bills. Credit card transaction and the internet are nowused to conveniently pay bills. Job seekers, on the other hand, usesearch engines on the internet to seek jobs that have been posted bypotential employers (Gackenbach, 2007).

Computersnow control the world in very many ways, and if they crashed theworld would avert back to the old ancient ways. Computers areintelligent and solve problems accurately and very fast. They havecaused the human brain to almost go dormant as some people find ithad to remember a password or even a pin number. The invention ofWorld Wide Web has solved almost all the barriers in sectors likeeducation, businesses, private homes and health sectors. Signs thatclearly indicate that we are too dependent on computers are: mostjobs require the employees to access the internet to do their jobs,and if the internet goes down, nothing can be achieved on that day.People rely more on captured moment and no longer live in the presentmoments as those in the ancient times. People also heavily rely ontheir mobile phones for contacts and basic communication and withoutmobile phones people now feel incomplete (Coeckelbergh, 2013).

Setbacksin the use of computers are experienced on almost a daily basis. Forexample, online shoppers could express dissatisfaction upon deliveryof items bought online. Stores are also losing their meaning asbuyers rarely visit their stores as they prefer shopping over theinternet. Obsession over use of mobile phones can cause healthproblems like anxiety and stress. Smart users and developers ofsystems can hack and steal money from other people using spyware.Computers have become the next revolution immediately after theindustrial revolution. Everything uses computer systems today, andthat shows how the world now depends on technology. Computer machineshave rendered every old gadget obsolete or vintage. However, mostpeople today argue that the depressed economy is caused by the riseof computer use. Intelligent machines that are robotic are everywhereeven in other planetary bodies where man has not yet set foot. It`sbecome part of our lifestyle because of its affordability andavailability. Almost everyone who can afford to put food on theirtable can also afford to buy a mobile phone.

Yes,we depend too much on computers but it`s our brains that giveinstructions to be executed by the systems. Computers are great asthey are used to build almost everything we see in our world today:the design of ceiling fans to pills they even put toothpaste in itspack. I would not be skeptical if I said that one day the computersystems will be able to replicate themselves. The human kinds shouldbe smart enough not to let computers outdo them as there is apossibility. Young people spend almost all their free time on theinternet surfing and having other sorts of entertainment. Childrenopt for indoor video games rather than outdoor games. Organizationshave databases that store all the information sensitive to theirwork. Ironically, computers have led to losing of people`s identityand interest in life as everyone is gradually being absorbed intotheir laptops, smart phones and PCs.

Thereality is that everything is being made to adopt a virtual world. Itis almost becoming impossible to survive today without being computerliterate. In conclusion, there are various aspects in our daily livesthat make us too dependent on computers and technology. However,regardless of this fact it is also very important have a backup ofinformation in computers in another form. This is a safe way ofavoiding chaos in cases of computer crashes and malfunctioning.


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