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Themes in Much Ado about Nothing play by Shakespeare

Themesin Much Ado about Nothing play by Shakespeare

Theplay “Much Ado about Nothing” by Shakespeare is a comic play. Theplay became edited between the years 1598 and 1599. The playrevolves around the two main couples. One of the couples is Beatriceand Benedick’s. It was the main couple. Claudio and Hero formed theother couple. There are various themes in the play that includesinfidelity, deception, marriage, respect, transformation, gender,pride, maturity, language and love (Shakespeare23).


Deceptionis among the main themes in this play. The title indicates that thereis commotion in the play. However, the commotion comes as a result ofminor factors in the play. In the play if Claudio was not veryimpetuous the weak plan of Don John would not have been effective.The presence of deception in the play results to intricacy of theplot. An example to the case of deception is when Don John untrulyslanders champion because of his own trouble. It&nbspbecame&nbspcounteredby Friar Dishonesty in pretending that the champion is deceased. Theexploitation of champion from the two sides results to the characterbeing passive in the whole play. She makes little efforts and resultsto an interesting character after the deception portrayed in theother characters (Shakespeare34).

Theapplication of deception in the play is also useful in the force ofgood in the play. In the overhearing scenes of Beatrice andBenedick’s the application of deception has a great effect in thecomic. The two lovers are manipulated to accepting one another. Theuse of deception was the only way to make the two characters allowlove to be part of them. The characters in the play allow themselvesto be deceived. The play makes deception the second nature in thecharacters (Shakespeare35).


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