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To Kill a Mockingbird

ToKill a Mockingbird

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ToKill a Mockingbird

ToKill a Mockingbird isa movie version of the novel written by Harper lee. This movie is oneof those adaptations that successfully captured the interest of theaudience. ToKill a Mockingbird servedas the defining point in Robert Mulligan’s career. The moviegarnered several awards from different award giving bodies includingeight Academy awards such as best picture, best actor, best in artdirection, and screenplay (Noland, 2008). Mulligan is known for hisemotional attack on experiences encountered by children as well asadolescents when faced with traumatic events. The movie captured acertain place and time when racial discrimination was on the rise inthe South. However, even though such discrimination was filled withcontroversies such as a black man alleged of sexually abusing a whitewoman, the primary focus of the story is the association betweenScout, a six-year-old tomboyish girl, her brother, Jem, and theirfather, a lawyer. One of the most appealing parts of the movie isseeing the unfolding of dramatic events through childhood days. Thispaper discusses racism as the prevalent theme in the movie.

Racismin the Movie

TomRobinson is a victim of racism in the movie ToKill a Mockingbird. Robinsonis a black man alleged to have raped Mayella Ewell, a white woman.Falsely blamed of a crime he did not commit, Robinson was broughtbefore the jury. Atticus Finch knew Robinson is innocent and providedseries of evidences. However despite his best attempts, racism whichhas taken roots in the mind of jury won. The court rendered theverdict guilty against Robinson and the latter was sentenced todeath. Atticus was aware that they still have a chance to defend thecase once more but Robinson believed that it would be unnecessarysince he will only be judged based on the color of his skin ratherthan his innocence. Instead of taking chances, Robinson tried toescape from prison but he was shot seventeen times. Robinson wastired of taking chances after he was confronted by an ill fate ofracial discrimination. If Robinson went back to court, he would stillbe convicted and hung. Helen Robinson, wife of Tom, suffered theaftermath of his trial and death. As a widow, Helen had to raise thekids and maintain the household while working to earn for a living.Since Helen is a black woman, and wife of a man alleged of sexuallyabusing a white woman, Helen had great difficulty in seekingemployment. Through the help of Tom’s previous employer, Helen wasable to find a job but racism did not let go of her. At one time, BobEwell followed her and shouted racist words to Helen. Helen feltreally terrified but she was able to manage calling Mr. Link Deas whotold Bob Ewell to stay away from Helen. On different occasion, BobEwell was also devastated by racism. During a court trial, Ewellharbored a feeling of resentment against Judge Taylor and Atticus.

Thereare varied destructive components in the world that is geared towardscreating havoc in humanity, dampen the spirit and moral of thepeople, and crash down the long held principles. Arrogance, greed,ignorance, and anger are just some of the negative forces but nonecan be more powerful than racism. Racial discrimination is a terribleplague that refuses to leave this nation. Technically, it is whenanyone is denied something or forced to do something they do not wantto do base on the color of their skin. Racial discrimination can meandifferent things to different people. It involves sanction betweenracial groups, verbal or physical attacks and unequal opportunitiesgiven to athletes of a particular race. Most often the subject of theracial discrimination occurs against Black applicants.

Racismis one of the big issues in the United States in mid-20th century.The most prominent of which was the African-American racism. With acorrupt system of law, the blacks were mistreated. In their struggleto be free, the blacks attempted to alter the system. Activists andcivil groups arose. People’s relationship with others is expressedusing two prominent virtues – charity and justice. Justice requiresthat we render to another what is due to him. We render to a personthat which belongs to him by right. Justice therefore presupposes theright of the person. And yet, we may render also to another somethingwhich does not belong to him by right. We render it to him on thebasis of our charity and concern for him. Unlike justice, charity isnot a legal obligation. But it is no less binding upon us because weare morally bound to be united to others on the basis of mutual loveand respect. Racism is a form of social injustice.

Racismhas been evident in the society since time immemorial. Apartheid is aracial segregation system in South Africa. It was implemented in1948-1994, where people are separated into four groups: Indians,whites, blacks and colored. These classifications identify the accessto accommodations and services. Diversity is attributed to minoritygroups classified according to their race, language, and ethnicity.It is basically very evident that in the United States, students hailfrom diverse economic, linguistic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.In 25 of the principal capitals in the United States, approximatelyfifty percent of the students come from culturally and linguisticallydifferent groups. Of all these groups, the fastest-growingpopulations are the Hispanics. Thus, educators are encouraged to honetheir knowledge, attitudes, and skills and make it apt in themulticultural set-ups.

Inthe United States, the existence of racism emerged from the sustainedsocial caste system and was further continued by racial segregationand slavery. The law that forced the caste system has long vanishedyet its fundamental foundation still lingers. This foundation mayslowly fall to pieces as the years would pass, however activism isstill essential to accelerate the progression and offer for a moreunbiased social order in the short-term. The negative impacts ofracism have performed a crucial role in the ongoing pattern of racialinequality in the United States. For instance, because of racism,there still exists disparity in education. The lack of financialsupport for urban schools signifies that only very restrictededucational resources can be provided to the public school learners.Because of this, the socio-economic disadvantages have strengthenedpoor educational success and low academic self-concept for theminority groups.


Racismis the prevalent theme in the movie ToKill a Mocking a Bird. Theissue on racism continues to emerge in the present world and will, infact, continue to exist despite the absence of racists. It isingrained in the American society. For problems on racism anddiscrimination to stop, there has to be a conscious recognition ofthe existence of institutional racism and structural inequality.


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