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Topics In Feminism

TopicsIn Feminism

Liberalfeminism describes a kind of feminism, which has the opinion thatequality for women need to be attained by social reform and legalmeans. This implies that a liberal feminist is likely to opposeanything that is geared to gender equality. Here, gender equalitysignifies that there are equal rights for both women and men (Brown26). This essay aims at discussing abortion, pornography, andfeminism aesthetics with regard to their relation to liberalfeminism.

Abortionis the termination of the unborn prior to the completion of thegestation period. However, it is usually carried out during the firstfew months of pregnancy. According to the liberal feminism, everyindividual has the right to his/her body therefore, in this regard,women should have the right to procure an abortion since they havethe right to their bodies (Jensen 82). However, this is not the casein most societies.

Pornographyis usually viewed as a way of depicting women as sex objectshowever, to some feminists, pornography is a way of emphasizingsexuality. When it comes to pornography, liberal feminism merges areverence for free speech with the tenet that indicates that a womanhas a right to her body (Tandon 93). Although the liberal feministsdo not seem to approve pornography, they are of the opinion thateverybody has the right to produce or consume words and images.Besides, some liberal feminists defend sexual freedom, implying thata woman has a right in choosing to do pornography (McLaren 39). Onthe other hand, Feminism aesthetics refers to perspectives, whichquestion assumptions in aesthetics and art regarding gender. Theliberal feminists are of the opinion that feminist aesthetics shouldbe based on individual taste, but not universal or society opinion(Hooks 48).


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