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Trends and Consumerism in Health Care


Trendsand Consumerism in Health Care

Whythe Study “Trendsand Consumerism in Health Care”

Healthcare is a concern of the public, government and business concern andits consideration is among the rational factors businesses andindividuals should have. The topic is further important whenconsidering consumerism and trends associated with it. Theapplication of this information is important in the process of healthrisk analysis which is critical to organizational employee healthmanagement. The topic “Trendsand Consumerism in Health Care”was selected for the presentation because of the importance of thetopic in consumer behavior, influencing employee behavior and thetrend of world concern.

First,trends andconsumerism shape the change of behavior of employees in anorganization. Through the use of information portrayed by trends andconsumerism in health care, organizations prepare health plans. Thisis done by using health risk appraisals that from the beginning ofengaging employees in behavioral change. Secondly, trends andconsumerism is not only an organizational concern, but also a worldconcern. Due to the importance of understanding health care concerns,consumerism trends become critical in predicting the changes theworld is anticipating in human health.

Finally,the topic is valuable to the consumers as they are generally becomingconscious of their health care. Consumers are gradually changingtheir consumption trends from commercial products to healthyproducts products that are consistent with good health (Huskamp&amp Rosenthal, 2009).This change in preference is worth understanding in order tocritically and comprehensively evaluate the current trends in theworld of consumerism. This makes the topic a very important elementof discussion and of study, especially in the field of health care.Due to this importance of the topic to consumers, employees,organizations and world trends, this topic was selected for thepresentation.


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