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Thethesis statement is the moral dilemma in the Drama “”written by Susan Keating Glaspell. The two women Mrs.Hale and Mrs. Peters pieced together the ideas and solutions of themystery of Mr. Wright’s death and came to an agreement to cover upthe information from men investigating his death. This paper hasexplained the reasons behind hiding the information. It has explainedthis through explaining processes on how they came up with theagreement, identifying if one woman resisted another’s opinionconcerning the suppression and later, an argument is constructed toestablish if these women were right in covering up such information.Different experiences had by Hale and Mrs. Peters are identifiedwhich made them emphatic to Mrs. Wright who killed his husband.

Thecovering up of the information by Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters was as aresult of women alliance and guilt. The setting of this play occurredat the period when women had no rights (Noe, 45). They were wellacquainted that Mrs. Wright would actually receive tough punishmentas a result of murdering his husband. She did this simply because Mr.Wright had inflicted a lot of suffering to her and the courts wouldgive a deaf ear to the treatment she was bestowed to by her latehusband. These women perhaps knew she had been inflicted with muchsuffering and would not want to see her again suffering longer ifthey reveals the evidence to the county General, Sherriff and Mr.Hale which would implicate her with murder (University of SouthFlorida Students, par).

Thewomen concealed the evidence also as a result of their differentmotivations. Mrs. Hale says that she feels guilt for having nevervisited her for nearly one year. She confesses that the place wasnever cheerful and describes it as a ‘lonesome place’ admittingthat these were reasons she could not be able to visit her childhoodfriend. Thus, Mrs. Hale feels the guilty of not visiting her oftenand thus she suppressed the evidence as a result of not being a goodally to her especially after realizing the type of a man she wasmarried to. She also points out that she hated men who snoop andcriticize in her kitchen implying that she might be a victim ofcertain abuse in her house. In turn, Mrs. Peters says that it is as aresult of her loyalty and sympathy to her own sex that she willconceals the evidence. She believes that Mrs. Wright murdered herhusband simply because she was driven into it. Also the death birdreminds her of the killing of a pet cat by a boy whom if she wasn’trestrained, she would have caused great harm to him. She wants toprotect her gender and relates the bird more than Mr. Wright. She isfamiliar with the feelings gotten as a consequence of living withsomeone who hurts or kill something you love. Mrs. Peters alsosympathizes with the solitude of the house after Mrs. Wright lost herfirst baby and also how that situation affects women (University ofSouth Florida Students, par). She kept these to herself instead ofexplain to the men since she felt that these men would take a laughat her. In addition these women covered up the information because oftheir sex loyalty and pains of their lost opportunities.

Mrs.Hale says she knew Mrs. Wright as a Minnie Foster and a childhoodfriend. Also, she recalls her singing in the choir when she was stilldressing nicely. She says that she later turned into a sad woman andlosing focus in life. She feels pain as a result of not spending moretime with her old friend hence she ended up feeling lonely andpainful. Instead, she took it easy by keeping away from herunpleasant environment by staying apart. May be if Mrs. Wright had afriend she would not have been distraught or upset when the bird,which was her only joy, had been killed. Thus, she didn’t help herfriend in the past and this presents the best opportunity to help herto solve her guilt. In turn, Mrs. Peters had also lost lots of thingsin the past. She lost a cat when she was still a teen and a twoyear-old baby boy while living in Dakotas. She is familiar with thepain caused by such loss and the quietness and stillness in the housewhich was once upon happy and noisy. She shares Mrs. Wrights painbearing in mind what she wanted to do to a boy who was responsiblefor the death of her kitten in this case she cannot condemn butbecome loyal to Mrs. Wright (University of South Florida Students,pal).

Thepast society looked on women and perceived them as second classcitizens. The setting of this play doesn’t allow women to vote norhave laws which protect women against the domestic violence. It isdepicted that a woman was a property to her husband and could takeany abuse from the husband without any retaliation. Mrs. Peters andMrs. Hale felt loyal to their sex, had different motivations and feltguilty to their sex hence they suppressed the evidence. Suppressingthe evidence is never a prerogative even when the murderer is ahousewife who is perceived as the most innocent individual in theworld. Mrs. Wright had a good reason to commit murder her husband butthere is no reason enough for killing. Therefore, Mrs. Hales and Mrs.Peters should not have protected her.


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