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Understanding Family Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities


UnderstandingFamily Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities

UnderstandingFamily Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities

Oncean individual develops serious problems with her memory, especiallyAlzheimers, it means that the entire duties of caring for their needsgo to the shoulders of the people who love them. The husband willbear the daily burden of washing his wife, feeding her, cleaning herclothing and feeding her (Lehman,2005).The same burden will be extended to the daughter who lives nearbybecause the daughter will be compelled to make daily visits to seeher mum and help in every way possible. Further, the daughter wholives far away will incur very high costs anytime she decides tocheck on her mum. The three individuals will experience heavyemotional burdens of seeing the person they loved and cherished turnout to be helpless (Lehman,2005).The emotional burden might affect the relationship between spouses,as well as the connection between the daughters and their mum.

Mrs.C requires complete services that should facilitate her to lead acomfortable life. Probably her husband and daughters might decide tohelper who will help with the daily chores of handling a personsuffering from Alzheimers. Secondly, it would be significant to seekmedical help to ensure that secondary ailments do not emerge.Transport services can be provided by the family members (Lehman,2005).The decision to commit Mrs. C to a nursing home should be pursuedwith due consideration of what her husband wants. However, thehusband should demonstrate exceptional ability to care for the sickwife. Further, the decision to keep the wife at home should nothinder the normal lifestyle of the husband. However, in the eventthat the decision does affect family operations, nursing home wouldbe the best with regard to the patient’s welfare. It is not easy towatch people we love suffer from untreatable diseases (Lehman,2005).For a grandparent, Mrs. C would be an important person in the familyand sickness would not make her less important to the family.Therefore, the family would everything possible to love Mrs. C andrespect her welfare. Therefore, the patient would be given the bestcare possible for a grandmother.


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