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Understanding Family Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities


UnderstandingFamily Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities

UnderstandingFamily Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities

Thereare two possibilities. The first thing that might happen mightinvolve strengthening of the relationship bonds as the two parentsconsulted before commencing on vital issues. On the&nbspcontrary,there might be issues of misunderstanding, especially if the couplebegins playing the blame game. It is vital to inform the child whosurvived that he had a brother. This should be done when anindividual reaches puberty as they would be ready to absorb theshock of disappointing news (Lehman,2005).Notably, the child will somehow learn about his brother who died.That is why it is important when they learn things from theirparents. Grandparents can play the baby sitting role, as well asprovide the child with oral narrative lessons. However, conflicts ofinterests between the parents and the grandparents might ensue. Thegrandparents might decide to integrate their parenting skills withmodern parenting.

Thereare various services that might be required to ensure that the familycontinues to survive, without difficulties. Baby-sitting services andeducation are vital aspects of a child, which cannot be taken forgranted. Further, constant medical checkups and follow-up servicesshould be made regular to ensure that the healthy kid does notdevelop any health condition. The experience will definitely bringthe parents closer as they support each other to maneuver thedifficult situations in life (Lehman,2005).Problems bring people together as they pool their resources toaddress their needs. Finally, the parents might consider havinganother child probably to make up for the lost child. Andrew would bebetter off with siblings than being brought up as the only child inthe family. Kids who grow up with other siblings develop vital skillsin life as conflict resolution skills.


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