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VIDEO Abstract



TheBSU’s Arts for Youth (AFY) summer Group is now coping with thetechnology from the recent improvements. This group has survived forthe last 18 years, offering video courses for kids aged 7-9 and10-12.It has rally improved .It has lots of costumes ,and has themost modern tools and equipments for video courses.

Thelessons are conducted on friendly levels, and everyone enjoys theseclasses. The youth group also attracts sponsorship from anothergenerous people and companies, where some children also gain directly.The group is actually set to get places, because of its direct andcrucial ventures .At this point it can be said that all will benefitwhen they join this important youth group.

Thevideo play

Theplay should be Action/Adventure, where the kids aged 10-12 go to thebeach for more advanced swimming lessons. The possible setting shouldbe in Hawaii beach .Some of the characters involved are Kevin,George, Tom, Kim, Maria, Ann, Gloria, Pamela and Susan, they allinvolve the main play but the most distinguished of all is Kim, thebully, who also happens to be looking for trouble from Susan, theclass beauty .In the play Susan’s not interested in any boy inclass, she is a disciplined girl who prefers the company of the girlsbut she sometimes like talking to George. Now that Kim is mostpressed with his intentions, he goes ahead to do anything to makesure that he gets Susan. This happens right from the time they weretravelling to Hawaii beach, where the swimming lessons were to takeplace(Cailliau,2007).

Kimbeing the known bully could not prevent George from remaining socialto Susan the most beautiful girl in the class, so in process Kimdecide to show his bulkiness even more. At this point ,the swimminglessons were almost disrupted, and the class teacher is forced tointervene Kim tries to deal even with the teacher ,believing that itcould make Susan accept him, but things changes when the teacherdecides to call the police(Lisa,2010).



-thepreparation for the swimming lessons ,where the students get ready asthey board the school bus in preparation for 102 Km journey

-thestart of the 102 Km journey where all students started singingpopular songs as they head forward

-thefirst swimming lesson, after arrival the lessons start immediately,and without wasting time ,but trouble also starts when Kim sows offhis manners

-thestart of trouble from Kim


-feelingsfor love

-Susan’sopen denial

-thefirst fight between Kim and George

-Susancries over the injustice



-Kimtakes Susan meal

-therest of the class walks away in protest

-Georgefights with Kim again

-theteachers decision

-Pamelaproposes jokingly to Kim


-Kimbelieves Pamela is in love

-Pameladumps Kim

-Kimfights Kevin



-thesecond last swimming session

-Friendliness among members wins, almost Kim to calm down

-theboycott, after Kim suddenly changes


-thepersistence from Kim

-thebully in trouble




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