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Infocus, Eric Thomas offers a motivational speech that implores MSUstudents to take charge of their own lives. He emphasizes that eachindividual has an inner ability to change the course of his life. Hechanges the focus from one’s dreams to the reasons why one needs toaccomplish the dreams. Realizing one’s reasons for accomplishingdreams gives one an inner motivation to realize his or her fullpotential each day. Changes in focus are essential to success. Ericalso implores his audience to change their environment in order tofocus on positive rather than negative aspects.

Secretto success is a motivational speech in which Eric offers threesecrets to success. He highlights that one needs to want success asmuch as he wants to breathe when held down under water. Thus, thefirst secret is to want secret so badly as to give up other obstaclesand necessities such as sleep and food. Sacrifice is the secondsecret to achieving success. Thomson implies that one must give uppleasurable things in order to achieve success. Lastly, he cites thenecessity of pain in the success process. Thus, one must not quiteven in the face of pain in order to succeed.

Inreal time, Eric addresses the challenges that face student as theytransit from school to work. Thomas suggests that one must accountfor the hours rather than days. Successful individuals need to “getup, get out, and get something done.” This must be a deliberate anddaily act. In part two of the video, he inspires the students to useeach opportunity since they will be acting in real-time aftercollege. He also notes that his speech is a way of giving back sincehe was also inspired to succeed after dropping out of high school.