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Web Evaluation




Webevaluation is an important aspect in determining the credibility andvalidity of a webpage. In order to settle on a particular website, itis very necessary to look at some important factors that are helpfulin getting a good web page for research purposes. It is thusimportant to train to employ techniques and think critically byasking diverse questions to ensure that the website is trustworthy(Pages,2014).

WhatURL says

Beforeembarking on searching, glean all the info from URL and then choosethe most authentic and reliable page. It is clear to look whether thepage is a personal or public page. A personal page needs evaluationto check the appropriateness of the author (Pages,2014).

Scanningthe Webpage

Itis necessary to look whether a particular website has links such ourbackground, about us, biography, philosophy and other basicinformation. It is also necessary to check the author and implicationof a page. Whether a page was created for a particular reason inmind, therefore, the author claims responsibility and accountability(Pages,2014).

Indicatorsof Quality Information

Inthe evaluation, additional links are needed. Footnotes are an addedadvantage for documentation purposes since most scholarly works areproven with footnotes. The documentation should be argumentativeeither reputable or scholarly. The pages must be real, up to date andhave copyright information at the bottom for permission to copy orreproduce (Pages,2014).

Relationshipwith other web pages

Itis vital to look what the other pages say about a particular issue.Alexa.com can be useful in respect to the traffic volume, ownershipand related links. The author name can be checked on the Yahoo orGoogle (Pages,2014).


Thinkabout the knowledge that is gained, because web creation. There areinstances of fraud, spoof and other falsehoods that go hand in handwith web pages. Check whether the site is the best to get theresources for research purpose (Pages,2014).


www.malepregnancy.comis a credible website for getting resources. For instance, basing theargument on the resource availability, authenticity, relationshipwith other pages and the links that relates directly to the web page,it clear that the website is credible


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