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Well Elder Paper

WellElder Paper

WellElder Paper


Properunderstanding of the factors that affect older adults is an importantfactor in appreciating their experiences. This understanding shapesthe perceptions of a person makes communication with them effectivelyin order to understand their needs and behaviors (Pandian &ampBaboo, 2002). This paper seeks to explore perceptions of an elder andvalidate the study by discussing an interview with an older adult.Through the interview, this paper seeks to know the risk factors,factors of independence and the relationship between the selectedinterviewee and the society. Moreover, this study explores the familysupport system, behaviors and self-esteem levels of the older adult.This way, the paper will identify communication techniques that wereused to promote effective communication.

Perceptionsof an Elder

Beforethe interview, I had the perception that elders are dependent andalways need to be helped to do day to day chores. I always thoughtthat old people are commonly affected by health conditions commonlyassociated with old. I never thought that not all old people areaffected by these conditions. In addition, I never perceived thatsome old people can feel safe and emotionally happy.


Theinformation that could be interpreted as risk factors from theinterview is the involvement in smoking. Mr. George smokes at least ahalf a packet of cigarettes a day. On the same line, there is a riskfactor of the habits he had over his past. He used to drink, butstopped after being advised by his doctor five years ago. Thispresents health risks due to his consumption of such elements thatcan cause health problems.

Thesafety and security human, needs of older adults are being met inregard to Mr. George. In terms of safety, Mr. George has a number ofrelatives who live by him. He indicated that he has a lot ofconfidence in their continued visits (Personal Communication, 2014).He also indicated that he enjoys the support of the neighbors withwhom he has a cordial relationship. However, Mr. George faceschallenges in terms of psychological state since he is constantlyconcerned of his children who have not been with him for a long time.

Financialstability and continuous communication with the neighbors are thefactors that enable Mr. George to maintain his independence both athome and in the community. Out of these two factors, financialstability I the most important. After his retirement, Mr. George hadstable pension money from his retirement plan. This was in additionto his investments in real estate and stock exchange that gives himregular revenue.

Themost important relationship is with his wife. He and his wife areregularly together and take time to spend together as a way to bringback their early marriage days. This relationship promotes love andbelongingness of Mr. George with his family as represented by hiswife.

Therole that Mr. George plays in the family is that of being a father tothree children and the role of a husband to his wife. He highlyappreciates being a father and raising his three children (PersonalCommunication, 2014). He still feels that he should guide them evennow as adults to continue to play his role as the father. Thisexplains why he has been psychologically concerned over them beingaway from him for a long time.

Mr.George has experienced his retirement from his accountancy job at thestate government offices. Due to his brilliance in the field, he wasoffered an advisory role at a friend’s company which he requestedto retire from last year.

Thefamily support system of Mr. George is well knit especially from hisextended family. He and his brother are neighbors and they supporteach other. His two sisters are married near his home and have theirfamilies near his neighborhood. This makes them close enough tofulfill their commitment to always organize a family get togethertwice a year.

Mr.George has a good self esteem, which reflects on his behavior. Heexplained that he loves himself and is happy that other peopleappreciate what he does (Personal Communication, 2014). Inparticular, he identifies appreciation from his friend who offeredhim a job after retirement due to his excellence in accountancy. Tohim, this gives his reasons to believe that he is a great andappreciated.

Topromote effective communication, I used simple language that relatedto the age of Mr. George the language that he was comfortable with.The other communication technique I used is questioning method. I wasasking questions to Mr. George that aimed at understanding somepsychological information that he could not deduce from the question.Such questions were not conclusive and could not lead to infermeaning (Pandian &amp Baboo, 2002).


Afterthe interview, my perception changed. I realized elder people areindependent and can be of help to the society by offering services. Irealized that not all of them are affected by constant health problemconditions. For instance, Mr. George was strong and healthy despitehis old age. I realized that old people can be as happy andemotionally stable as other people.


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