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What have you accomplished?

Whathave you accomplished?

Christianreligion has spread worldwide and carries the largest population ofbelievers. It is the commonest and most popular religion whencompared to the other religions. As a Christian, I have witnessedgreat things and happenings in my life. All in all, the faith andteachings about Christianity I have gotten has helped me endeavorall. The scenarios mentioned as the paper unfolds are some of thehard times I have undergone.

Myfight against criticism of Christianity

Latelast year, I was hospitalized because of some complications during mypregnancy. A large number of friends gave criticism telling me toabandon the God I serve as He seemed helpless at such a time. Theknowledge about the Living God could not let me do so and in turn Iunder took the task of letting them understand Christ the initiatorof Christianity. This is an account of what I taught them as aChristian: Jesus Christ is believed to have started Christianity andis recognized as the initiator. History says Jesus was a Jew livingin the first century CE and who was given mandate to preach by theroman rulers. During those days, Christianity was viewed as a groupof people who were diversifying from Judaism. Christianity became sofamous and popular within a short span, thus it spread past theborders of Palestine and ceased being a dependent religion.Christianity has two principles that keep it alive up to date. One ofthe principles is the faith Jesus is Messiah who is talked about inthe Jewish writings. The second belief is about God’s kingdom andits inheritance. This Messiah is the one personally serve and havethe faith that I will be called a member of the kingdom in thelong-last.

Thisshort history about Christ and the church drew the friends’attention and they gave me their full concentration and attentionhenceforth.

Historythat strengthened my faith

Ihave been in a position to read the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke.These three books have given a clear knowledge that Christ is thehead of the church. They tell me about the early life of Christ andthe hardships He underwent before He grew and began preaching thegospel. The books state that problems started with king Herod whoordered killing of firstborn male children after he heard that Jesushad being born. They talk about the mighty power of God in saving.These books strengthen faith in God when I read about Joseph and Marywho witnessed God’s power of saving when He delivered their sonfrom Herod’s murder. I got encouraged and believed that the God ofJoseph and Mary would preserve the lives of my twin kids. It happenedthat I delivered the two kids when they were under age and they latercontracted some illnesses.

Ibelieved that just like Christ underwent so many hardships and laterbecame the Savior, my two kids would also overcome the illness andbecome great people some day.

Thepower of prayers as to sermon on the plain

Duringthe hospitalization period, I remembered so much the teachings aboutthe sermon on the plain, which states pray and it shall be given untoyou. I went on my knees and asked God to preserve my twin kids asthey were my only source of joy. I would read the scriptures andparticularly the sermon on the plain as many times as possible in aday. I termed this part as a guide to prayer and I had the faith thatGod would heal my kids because I asked Him to do so as He hascommanded us. The book of Luke (6:20-49) became my companion allthrough. I tried so much to do as the Bible commands so as to be amember of the kingdom. I followed fully the law of having love forothers, having the virtue of forgiveness and trusting in God.

Ionce called my friends to the hospital to share a word with them andat the same time have time to forgive one another the far we had comeif we had wronged one another.

TheHoly Spirit as the greatest mediator

AsI was praying, the Holy Spirit talked to me and gave me an assurancethat indeed God would do a miracle. He said that he would heal my twokids for the glory of His name. He revealed to me that all that washappening so that God could manifest His power and strengthen myheart in matters pertaining faith. As I read the book of Matthew, Ilearnt that the Same Holy Spirit was sent from the heavens to empowerthe disciples. I read that the Spirit is a mediator between us andGod. Just as the disciples were moved to preach the gospel, I too wasmoved to testify God’s power.

Myheart was so much strengthened that I dropped my worries and investedmy whole faith in God’s healing power.

TheHoly Trinity and the Eucharist

Ialso read and understood the existence of the holy trinity. Thetrinity states there exists three Gods in one that is God the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit (Letham, 2004). There is also thepresence of a belief stating one should practice baptism, fasting,praying and taking of the Eucharist and thus I gave my kids out forbaptism. Then on every Sunday, the priest would come to the hospitalbed and pray together with me and later administer the Eucharist tome. With this, I believed that I had done to as the request of JesusChrist which He gave when He was ascending to heaven.

TheEucharist had been helping me as it also played a great role inkeeping my heart alive.

God’shealing is beyond medical curing

Wonderscame to happen when my two kids felt better and their conditionimproved. I called the priest so that we could say a word of thanksto the Almighty God. We could not cease saying praise be to God. Thenurses attending to my kids were so surprised by the power of prayersand they said that truly there is a God who heals. The doctor camelater and confirmed that my two kids deserved suspension from thehospital. He gave us the permission to leave after the hospital billwas cleared by a joint contribution by the other church members.

Fromthat date of suspension from the hospital to date, it is a period offive months and my kids are very healthy and have brought a lot ofjoy in my life. The story of my kids’ recovery is all I have totestify to show that indeed God has the power to heal.


Onthe topic “introduction to the world religions,” basing myconcern on the Christian Religion, I have witnessed God’s power andmiracles. I have had an increase in faith as a Christian and I havepreached the word to several people. Also, I have had a goodtestimony to tell anyone whom I come across and who seems to be weakin faith.


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