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Why women are paid less than men summary

Whywomen are paid less than men summary

Inthe article “Why women are paid less than men”, Leicester C.Thurow gives his opinion on whey what causes the disparity betweenthe men and females income. Thurow refutes the argument advanced bysome analyst that women are less reliable and are likely to leavetheir job. The author presents an analogy of age profile where onecan either succeed or fail in life. He proposes the ages 25-35 as theappropriate age to make life changing decisions which could transformthe life of a person completely.

Thereare two solutions which the author proposes for men and women toequalize their incomes. First, women should either get childrenbefore the age of 25 or after the age of 35 ( Thurow 238). Secondly,the author proposes that the society can change its job promotionsystem in order to cater for the differentials. Thurow examines thedifferent probable reasons for the disparity. The first reason hegives is that men put more effort in their work than women. Herefutes this claim due to lack of evidence and moves on to the next.Secondly, Thurow cites discrimination as one of the probable reasonsbut goes on to disapprove such an assertion.

Anotherprobable reason is education gap between men and women. However, herejects reason since the gap has been significantly reduced andcannot be used to justify the disparity between men and womenincomes. In the author’s opinion, while the discrimination ofblacks by their white counterparts is understandable, thediscrimination against women is not. He decries the fact thatdespite the existence of Equal Employment Opportunity in the U.S,women are still discriminated at the work place (Thurow, 237). Theauthor condemns men for discriminating women at the workplace knowingvery well that they are lowering their family income.


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