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Why you should Care about Data Journalism?

Whyyou should Care about Data Journalism?

DataJournalism for New Set of Skills in Searching, Visualizing andUnderstanding Digital Sources Better than Traditional Journalism

Inour modern society today, stories and news are pouring in as they arehappening from many sources, eye-witnesses, internet blogs, Facebookand Twitter posts that either get our attention or not. The challengeof the journalists now is to harness, filter and visualize these newsand present it in a way either in statistical or numerical formswhere viewers and listeners will be able to understand more of thenews. Data journalism also requires experiences and skills tojournalists to shape the acquired data correctly, accurately andprecisely to squeeze out the right information from the confusing rawdata for proper visualization.


1.Data-driven journalism for more accurate information sharing throughnumbers, figures and statistics that bridges the gap between stattechnicians and a skilled user of words.


2. Data journalism as a type of forecasting which is better and canstood out in comparison to others in mainstream media.

What the Fox Knows

3.The proper tools needed in analyzing and choosing out what isinteresting over the vast availability of data in data journalism sothat people can see the trend and information and what is going on intheir country.


Data journalism pt4: visualising data – tools and publishing (comments wanted)

4. Data Journalism can also tell us about life and culture of people.


5. Useful tips in order to work with numbers in the news industry.


6. Modern websites and competitors that use data-mining as their way ofdelivering news and information.





7.Is Data journalism a new skill or just a baseline skill?



DataJournalism is an important development in our modern society today.This is a type of innovation to journalism that uses figures, numbersand statistical data in informing and bringing news to the people.Just like science, data journalism discloses its ways and methods onthe processes of acquiring and evaluating the raw data and thefindings from this can also be verified by replication. It providesnew set of tools, techniques and approaches in the way of telling orreporting news and facts. Since the inability to process and take inthe fast speed and the large volume of information that come to us isone of the problems citizens face in making decisions regarding theirlives, good data journalism can solve or minimize the said problemsthrough presentation of information in print, visual and audio media.Data Journalism is also like a photo journalism that uses differentkits different from traditional journalism that usually uses wordsonly in information sharing. We should strengthen the bonds andconnections between data and journalism so that practitioners canprovide clear information dissemination through proper verification,analysis and synthesis of the raw data. This also shows the profoundimportance of data journalism to the society. Since good journalismalone is hard to achieve, good data journalism is also hard toachieve. Since data journalism might be new to us, we should embracethis change because this will be beneficial for us for now and forour future.


Journalistscan resort to data journalism that uses figures, statistical andnumerical data to express information and news to the people.


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