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Youtube Videos Discussion


YoutubeVideos Discussion

YouTubeVideo Discussion

Languageis an important element of business communication, especially whenthe message being passed is supposed to cut across the globe (Forey &ampLockwood, 2011). With this in mind, this paper will respond to theassignment by adopting the video “German Coast Guard-Lost inTranslation (Smith, 2011).

Theoverall impression of the video is poor and does not reflect thequality of an international level advert. In this video, there is nomessage to give the audience what to expect. This part is veryimportant since it is the initial thing that the audience views. Thismeans that the problem of primary effect may affect the delivery ofthe information in the video.

Themost vivid visual memories I have form the video is the sound fromthe equipments starting with “Mayday” which is repeated severaltimes (Smith, 2006). Another memory is that of the same voiceclaiming that “we are sinking” which is also repeated severaltimes (Smith, 2011).

Theaudience for this video can only decode the message by using previousknowledge. A person watching the video cannot understand unless hehas knowledge of the meaning of “Mayday” to know that it is apilot or a captain who is calling with emergency alert that “theyare sinking” (Smith, 2011).

Thebusiness message in this video is that language is important for lifeand that people should understand their language well. In addition,the message is that poor translation of a message can lead todisastrous consequences.

Asthe receiver of the message, I would encourage the proper listeningskills and keen focus on the visuals of the video. This is becauseproper listening and concentration enhances the decoding of themessage being conveyed by audio or audio visual message (Hoppe,2006).

IfI was the director of this video, I would modify the synopsis,messaging and communication channels of this message. To achieveattention, I would change the introductory part to show the audiencethat the video has an urgent message in an urgent situation that ofa sinking ship. To achieve this, I would start with a scene of a realship sinking mostly the size of the titanic. In addition toattention, this will invoke the interest of the audience, which inturn brings interest (Guffey &amp Loewy, 2010).

Secondly,I would involve a mix of scenes so that the audience can see a realcaptain calling on “mayday” message in the sinking ship thentake the audience to the receiving end of the call. This way, eventhe audience that do not understand English or do not know what a“mayday” call is will have the desire to understand. Finally, Iwould include subtitles to give written messages as each of thespeakers in the video speaks. This will combine the impacts of theaudio visual channel with those of the written channel, which willpromote their reaction (Guffey, 2010). Therefore, even a person whocannot hear can decode the message written in the subtitles.

Inthis course, the main concept is on the communication cycleparticularly coding and decoding of a message. I understood that thecoding of a message should be done with the receiver in mind. Thismakes the communicator, effective in coding a message that will beappropriate for the channel to convey and also for the receiver tocorrectly decode. These two concepts will shape my future businesscommunications, especially when communicating with customers. Thiswill also help when writing content for academic or business use.


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